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Mother Teresa said: “It’s not how much we GIVE but how much LOVE we put into giving.”

Yes it‘s completely true. We want to tell you about a story which inspired us to establish our online store.

My best friend, a family man, was on his way to look for a thank you gift for his gorgeous wife, who had recently given birth to an adorable daughter. No words could express his joy at the prospect of being a father.

The gift must be highly exceptional, unique, a one of a kind to celebrate their newborn daughter and upcoming wedding anniversary. He was so busy with his work those days so he searched all of online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on. Although there was plenty to select from, he still feel something was missing, as if all those products options was not unique enough.

He told me how much he wanted a product such as a mug, blanket, shirt, or canvas with his family members’ features on it. It reminded me of a childhood game that we could customize each character’s clothes, hairstyles and skin tones.

Yes, why not? That made us feel “brightening” in an unexpected way. And together, we came up with the idea of PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS, which would become incredibly meaningful and unique presents, the ones that made for the recipients. And Kushoke, a website with a wide range of customizable products was established.

We’re on a fervent mission to get these design out, our location is in :

Address: 275 Washington St, Buffalo , NY 14203 United State.

Mail Address:

Our mission is to bring millions of smiles, moments of inspiration, pleasure and laughter to people throughout the world.

We endeavor to provide high-quality items with the greatest customer experience possible.

We are a youthful, devoted team always striving to bring the greatest possible purchasing experience for our customers.

At Kushoke, we believe that personalization is the most effective way to show your love to the person you honor and also express your personal characteristics.


From birthdays and anniversaries to holiday presents, we think that Kushoke is the number one destination where you can select high-quality products with unique designs.

Your satisfaction is our top priority for each present we offer. We appreciate knowing that we play a role in putting smiles on the faces of your beloved ones when they receive a meaningful gift made just for them. We take pride in becoming the pioneer online store in the market to show you a live preview of your custom product as you make your selections.

With our customer-centric core value, we are confident that you will obtain high-quality products and only the best customer service.

Have a wonderful purchasing experience!